Hey Family & friends! How are y’all?

This week was really good, but kind of challenging. It was amazing because we found some great success, but challenging because every single day I realize how much I just don’t want to go home.

This week we found a lot of success with the members. We had five member presents, which has not happened in a VERY long time. And all we had to do was ask! We had district meeting on Tuesday and the zone leaders were there, it was super satisfying to be able to report all the success we’ve been having.

We also had the impact sisters come and visit and that was super exciting! We were able to get SO MUCH work done!! And I got to learn a lot from them as well.

This is going to be super short, but here is an amazing miracle from the week!!

This week we invited W to church early Sunday morning. We got to her apartment and she was still in her pjs, but assured us that she would be there! We headed to church, and she never showed. It was disappointing, because we had just seen her! Then, halfway through sacrament meeting a member came in to the chapel and told us we had investigators waiting for us I. The foyer. We went out, and there was W!! With all 4 of her kids!!! Her ride hadn’t worked out, so she had walked to church! It was amazing!

I also got to do singing time in Primary, and it was so fun!! We played “Musical Measles” which involves lots of stickers, I will include a picture! Primary is different in a branch with a total of 10 kids…but it was so fun! I loved being able to serve and help out the branch.

On Tuesday, we had an amazing lesson wit W at the H’s home! We had pot roast for dinner and it was so good! Will said it was the best meal he’s ever had…probably because it’s the first meal he’d ever had with Mormons haha. It was amazing though because both of the H’s are converts and we able to spend a lot of time helping him understand the sacrifice is worth it. After our lesson, he promised he would come to church in a couple of weeks. That was huge progress, because he is a Youth Minister and has always refused. Things are changing, and the spirit is so awesome!! Members are so essential, and I am so thankful for Member Missionary work!!

I love y’all!!

Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas


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