Dear Family and Friends,

Hey y’all!! This may be kind of short, sorry if it is!

This week was good. We started out with District Meeting Tuesday, which was actually totally wonderful and spiritual, but at the end of it we made a video of us singing Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, which I will attach because it is hilarious. Tuesday was also good because we went on exchanges with Paragould! The Searcy STLs called and asked that I conduct and exchange with them, and it was super fun 🙂

In Paragould there is a large population of people from the Marshall Islands, and the sisters there are teaching pretty much all of them! We taught several lessons with Marshallese families, and the kids were so cute!! They asked me about a billion questions about myself, and laughed hysterically at all of my answers! Haha. We also went to visit and investigator named L, who has been meeting with the elders for almost a year. Recently one of the elders offended him, so an elder from my district who used to serve in the area asked that I take the sisters to go meet him so that they could start teaching him. L was so sweet and he gave us ice cream sandwiches and Dr. Pepper! He told us all about how much he loves Jesus the Christ, which he has read twice haha. He needs to get baptized!

This week we met an awesome new investigator named B. She is a single mom of three, and she is so sweet. We met her on Wednesday and invited her to do an FHE with us, which she accepted. Friday night we went over with Sister Gr, a member of the ward, and taught a lesson about God as our loving Heavenly Father. Her kids were so cute, and some of the most well behaved little ones I’ve ever seen! Her son kept wanting to get up, so I invited him to sit by me, and he sat there quietly the rest of the lesson and held my hand! It was so cute, I just about died.

This week H & M had some family in town so they asked for a little bit of a break, but we’re seeing them tonight, pray that it goes well! Even without H & M though, we had some amazing lessons! We taught A again this week, who we had met and taught once the week before while I was on exchanges with Sister D. She is an older black lady and she is super funny. Sometimes she’s hard to read, so we’re confused about how she feels about things, but she keeps wanting to meet with us, and she came to General Conference!

Speaking of General Conference, it was amazing. I tried really hard to glean the lessons the Lord had prepared for me to learn this Conference, especially since it was my last one as a missionary. I’ve officially reached the point where most of the major events that take place on a weekly basis are lasts, but it’s okay. I’m excited for my last transfer, which occurs next week, and for all that lies ahead. A & Y both came to sessions of General Conference, and it was so exciting to be able to introduce them to the words of living prophets and apostles, and to watch their faces as they actively listened to what was being taught by these men of God.

Perhaps my favorite talk from all of conference was Elder Yamashita’s. I loved his urge to “be ambitious for Christ.” It was so energizing and exciting for me. One thing that I am so excited for as I prepare to come home is to figure out all the ways I can keep my life centered on Christ without a tag that literally carries His name. One thing I have realized is that while the name tag will no longer be literal, each of us makes the choice each day to symbolically put on the name of Christ. As I have put my name tag on each morning for the last sixteen months, too often I have thoughtlessly done it without considering the larger implications of my action. To literally take upon myself the name of Christ, daily, is such a powerful concept, and I don’t have to stop doing it once I return home and no longer wear the badge. I am so thankful for my Savior, for all that He has done for me, and for the opportunity I have to serve Him every day.

Love y’all!!

Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas







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