Dear Friends and Family,

Hey y’all! This week has been a crazy, but uneventful week. We have had lots of appointments that fell through, lots of no answering the door, even though we know they are home, lots of people who didn’t want to talk to us, and lots of bug bites. However, I still love being a missionary!!!

Wednesday was the most bizarre, embarrassing, and everything go wrong day, haha. It was extremely humid and hot on Wednesday and we did a lot of walking around, knocking on doors, looking for people to talk too. We talked to no one. No one was home, people ignored us, and we were supposed to have a teaching appointment with M and H. We did a lot of singing and role playing as we were hoping someone would want to talk to us. We then went to M and H to teach them. They told us they were too busy and that we needed to come back Friday. Then we went walking around the neighborhood for a bit and tried going to visit a potential. Her name is P and she is 80 years old. We were so excited when she answered the door! However, the next thing we knew, she told us “my toe hurts, come back Friday.” We both just started laughing as we walked back to our car. Then we got a text from the Bishop, asking us if we would speak on Sunday.

We then decided that we would try and go see one more person before we needed to go to the church to sync our iPads. We missed a turn, and somehow got extremely lost… Like we were out of the city of Jonesboro lost… So we used a lot of miles and didn’t even get to go see her since it was 9:00. Sweet is the work! Haha. Then we went back to the church and FG was able to make us laugh. We told him where M and H lived and he said ” Sisters, Sisters. The headline of Jonesboro is gonna be “Sister missionaries’ dead on Race Street in a tree”. Don’t worry, Race Street really isn’t that bad. FG is just very protective of us sisters. 🙂 It was really funny though, when he was telling us this, haha.

Thursday was awesome! Near the end of the day, we met this girl named R who lives in our complex! She is going to school at Arkansas State University (ASU), and is in the nursing program. She has been super stressed out and is looking for some peace and comfort. We gave her a Book of Mormon and set a return appointment for next week. 🙂 She is super cute, and we are really excited to teach her next week!

Friday was supposed to be a very busy day. We had four lessons scheduled and only one happened. But the one that happened was AMAZING! It was with my favorite couple M and H. We are preparing them for baptism, and they are just so ready! M told us that she is trying to stop smoking. She has been smoking since she was 16 and told us that after we taught her the first lesson, she knew she needed to quit. She expressed to us her desire to quit, but how it was so hard. We talked about addiction recovery programs and about how through the Atonement, Christ can help her and give her the strength she needs. We also taught the second lesson, the Plan of Salvation. They LOVED it! H tells us it just all makes so much sense and M explained how she feels like a preschooler learning all of this. She says she believes everything we say, just still in the process of learning.

Saturday we were able to go to Sister W’s and help her clean her house with Sister R, the Bishops wife. Sister W broke her femur about a week ago (she’s young and healthy, it’s the most bizarre thing!) and She is the nicest lady I’ve ever met. She just showed so much gratitude for us being there. It made me realize the importance of showing gratitude towards others. We were there for about 3 hours doing laundry, doing dishes, wiping down counters and tables, sweeping, and chatting. I love doing service. After service, we went to the R’s for a Luau for her granddaughter’s birthday. It was way fun! We talked to this 80-year-old lady for most of the time. She is losing her memory, so we talked about the same things for about 2 hours, haha. She was so cute and fun though. 🙂 Then we left around 6 and went to go try and visit some potentials. No one answered, and we ran out of miles for that day, so we went to the church to write our lovely talks. I felt mentally checked out, because we haven’t had the most successful week and it’s been hard trying to get a teaching pool going. So we did some breathing exercises and just laughed a lot to release our stress. The elders came later to practice singing since we are singing next Sunday in the ward. The ward already knows so much about me since I bore my testimony the first week, gave a talk yesterday, and now singing in church for the third week, haha. Y’all can tell they have missed having sisters.

Sunday was so good. I seriously love the members and youth of the ward. We had 2 less actives & 1 investigator that we have been working with come to church! M and H were supposed to come, but H woke up with a big migraine. 😦 Sister G and I gave our talks about magnifying your calling and sustaining our leaders. It went well! We both were nervous since the topics were kind of hard for us, but we killed it. Then we went to Sunday school and Relief Society. Which both were great. We then came back to the apt and ate food and took naps. After that we went back to the church for a 2-hour ward correlation meeting about missionary work here in Jonesboro. We are working hard to get members involved and to show them that we mean business. They haven’t had sisters here for 3 years and President felt like it was time for sisters to be back here. We are definitely learning the reason why we are needed here. After the meeting, we had personal and companion study. I read 2 Nephi 1-2 which are bomb chapters.  We then had dinner with the B’s, who are super funny! They asked Sister G to say the blessing on the food and the prayer at the end, and both times she avoided saying their last name because she didn’t have any idea how to pronounce it. I thought it was pretty entertaining and I was glad she said both prayers, because I didn’t know how to pronounce it either!! Haha

Even though it was a slow week, and not much happened, I have still been able to see little miracles each day as I strive to serve Him. Love y’all much and appreciate all the support and love I receive!

Hope y’all have a fantastic week!


Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas


We found our street!!


The whole district decided to wear mismatched clothes/ ugly

ties to district meeting, don’t ask why.


Look at this crazy house we found!!


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