Dear Family & Friends,

Walnut Grove is on FIRE! This has been a great week y’all- I continue to be the most blessed missionary in the field. We started out last week with a gallivant around Memphis that was so graciously chaperoned by S. We got sno-cones at Jerry’s Sno Cones, made a stop at “The Lampshade House” Memphis’ #1 stop for all your lampshade needs, and ended the day with a trip to an antique mall FULL of Elvis memorabilia and a large number of mink stoles, who’s faces and little feet greatly disturbed Sister H! It wasn’t a traditional P-Day, but it was so fun, and very us, haha.

Monday night we had a great lesson with F, our Turkish lady. She is such a deep thinker. It’s so fun to teach her! We talked a lot about the nature of God, which has been something very interesting for her to think about. Before she never really knew what God was, whether he was a Spirit or just a force. She has never really tried to define it, so the idea of him having a physical body is different for her, but she said it made sense to her! She also told us that she realizes something is missing right now, and she’s not sure she’ll find it in the Book of Mormon, but she is willing to try. The Lord blesses us with such cool investigators!

Tuesday we had district meeting and an AP, a Zone Leader, and President F of the mission presidency all showed up, so of course this was the meeting they asked me to recite the doctrine points and scriptures for each one (one from the BoM, one from the Bible) from Lesson 4. Lesson 4 has 13 points. Haha. I did okay though, thankfully I have been practicing!

Wednesday night at Book of Mormon class the N’s & C both came again, and the Walnut Grove Elders were able to get an investigator to attend as well. It’s super exciting how this class is being used as such a powerful missionary tool! After class we went over the baptismal interview questions with T N, who is getting baptized on Saturday. She is beyond excited!

We had a lesson with C this week on Thursday, and we were able to review the Plan of Salvation, which really sparked something in her the first time we taught it. Going over it again was great, because we could see how much she remembered, and how much she believed! She had a concern about the three kingdoms that we were able to overcome, and at the end of the lesson, with tears in her eyes, she asked if we would please invite C (her 29 year old daughter who lives with her) to come sit down for the lesson next time. She opened up about her fear with C, and that she worries about her relationship with God. It was so wonderful to see that C trusted us enough to ask that, and we happily agreed to do it.

This week we went on exchanges with the Spanish sisters, and I stayed here in Cordova with Sister M. She & I came out together and she is a great missionary. We had several things fall through and decided to spend time in the area to find out why we were there, and we had amazing experiences both times! Once we were able to talk with a lady named H who asked for a Bible and ended up taking a Bible, BoM, and a restoration pamphlet, letting us teach her a bit, and invited us to come back! The next time we had an appointment fall through, we ended up talking with a lady who had met with missionaries 20 years before in Chicago. She said those missionaries had taught her how to pray and she never forgot them. It’s amazing the way the Lord leads us!

In case y’all were wondering, T continues to be the biggest miracle ever. We met with her three or four times this week in preparation for her upcoming baptism, and her conversion never fails to amaze me. She is so prepared, and is so diligent in keeping her commitments. She is already doing amazing missionary work among her family and friends! While we were over at her house last night, she went over her plan to convert her mom and her best friend, haha. She also opened up to us about how excited she is to go perform baptisms for the dead for several of her deceased family members. When we asked her if we could come over Monday night she said “well, we have FHE that night, but y’all are welcome to come before or after.” She is so ready!

At church on Sunday we had three investigators there. T, M (the T’s neighbor we have met with twice!), and W. M hung close to us throughout the meetings, while T & W are already comfortable and excited to be in the Ward! W went off to primary, and T introduced herself to several members throughout the meetings. M had lots of questions, especially after the RS lesson, which was on Temples, but she really enjoyed herself, and I believe she will be back.

This week has been full of miracles, many of them small, but all of them wonderful. I have truly seen the fruits of my labors here in Walnut Grove, and there is absolutely no better feeling as a missionary. I have been so blessed to serve here, and I cannot wait to see what is ahead!


Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas

image1 (60)

Sister H & I


image2 (47)

District pictures are hard to get right…


image3 (36)

District pictures are hard to get right…


image5 (21)

Finally, haha!


image6 (16)

Hermana M & I

image7 (12)

Us with the Hermanas

image8 (10)


Book of Mormon Mania with the B’s!


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