Hello Family and Friends!!

“How is ya?” – Elder C, (our adorable senior missionary vehicle coordinator), says that every single time he sees you or talks to you on the phone. He & Sister C are just two of many wonderful/hilarious senior missionaries who keep our mission running. I seriously think that an Office/Parks & Rec. style TV show based off the office of the ALRM would be a wild success. Those people are characters! Hahah but really, I want to grow up to be just like them one day!

Well now that I have my shout out to senior missionaries out of the way, (btw, if you can, BE ONE. We need senior missionaries so badly and they make SUCH a difference!) I hope everyone has had a great week! I know that I have. Sister H & I saw some great miracles and I got to hang out with some dope friends! The first miracle was with T & J, who seem to be an endless supply of miracles! Wednesday night is our Book of Mormon class, and this week when we walked in, they were there and they had brought her mom who had already downloaded the Gospel Library onto her phone!! She sat through the whole class, made comments, and loved it!! She said she will DEFINITELY be back, and asked lots of questions about our church! T is already an amazing missionary!

The second miracle for the week was on Saturday night. We had dinner with the T’s, and they decided to invite their neighbor, M. We had an AMAZING discussion with M who is clearly searching for something more. She is going to a Baptist church right now, but is excited to come to church with us this coming Sunday! The members here in Walnut Grove are truly ON FIRE.

THIRD miracle: The P family was a huge miracle this week!! Brother P & the kids have actually come to church a couple of weeks in a row now, but for over a month, I still hadn’t met Sister P (she was always “sleeping” while we were there), but yesterday we had a lesson with them and when we got there, Sister P was awake and talked with us! Turns out we have TONS of common interests like The Cure (she had The Cure lyrics on her wedding cake!) theatre, and the documentary Grey Gardens (have any of you seen that movie? She said I was the first person she’d ever met who’d both seen and liked it! Hahaha). We talked for a solid 25 minutes just about that kind of stuff, and afterwards stayed in the room for the lesson, and promised to be there next time too!! Heavenly Father calls us for exactly who we are!

I also was SO blessed to go on exchanges with Sister L this week, which is a miracle as well, but for the sake of the title, I won’t call it that! Haha. We made lots of silly videos and took lots of silly pictures and did lots of silly missionary work! (Okay, it was serious missionary work, but I had a theme going!). All in all, it was a great week spent with great people. We got to help the RS president clean her house, moved someone in and out of an apartment, and had the special experience of serving at a funeral service of the member of the Ward. A mission is such a sacred service experience and I am beyond thankful for it, I love y’all!

Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas


Silly pics with Lloyd2Silly pics with Lloyd4A bunch of sistersShave iceSmileHannah and a little friend


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