Dear Family & Friends,

So this will be terribly short- sorry!!

This week has been CRAZY. My new companion, Sister H, came to me on Thursday, but Sister S didn’t leave till today, so we trio-lifed it for a few days, and then today we had to help get Sister A to the temple, and Sister L get her new companion, and we have just had NO time!

We had some great lessons this week! T is progressing really well. She is so smart and spiritual! She is still set for baptism on the 30th, and I can’t wait to see her in her baptismal whites!! We are working on teaching her 13-year-old daughter, but she is hard to keep focused, so we’ll see what happens.

C is wonderful, but still doesn’t really want to come to church, which is hard. But she will get baptized, I have faith!!

Sister H is also wonderful and I love her!! We have a lot of similarities & I think we are going to be a powerhouse companionship!! I am so pumped to work!! I was sad to see Sister S leave, but am thankful for all I learned from her. She will be a great trainer in Collierville!

This week we saw great miracles at church. The P family, who are less active, came to church this Sunday!! Their nine-year-old daughter, W, came too and she is unbaptized, so we are working with her!!

Also Brother D (his wife is a member, and he’s been investigating on and off for 7 years) came to church and he said we can start teaching him the lessons again! It is so exciting! This transfer is going to be so awesome!!

Anyway, sorry this is SO short. I will send a much better one next week.


Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas

Hannah with Connie

Me with C, our investigator.

Exchanges with Spanish Sisters2

Exchanges with the Spanish sisters- I’ll write more about that next week. I do not know Spanish!! Hahaha

Saying goodbye to Accountis at the temple

Goodbyes to Sister A at the temple. She is on her way home!!

Lunch at Fat Larry's

Me, Sister H, and Sister L at Fat Larry’s today (my fave restaurant in Lakeland!!)


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