Dear Family & Friends,

Hey! So this was kind of a weird week…well it wasn’t even a week, it was more like 5 days haha. But it was a good five days! I’m so glad that P-Day is back on Monday where it belongs, Wednesday P-Day was weird as heck.

So I didn’t write about Tuesday last week, right? Well Tuesday started out with us attending another session of the meeting with Elder Arnold at the Bartlett Building. This time we got to attend the sisters meeting with Sister Arnold, which was great! We talked a lot about self-worth and our emotional state as sisters and it was an excellent discussion. I also had the opportunity to have a personal interview with Elder Arnold #PerksOfLeadership and it was so wonderful! It’s amazing to see how real the mantel of a General Authority is and feel the spiritual power that accompanies them.

After the meeting Tuesday we went and did some service for a less active lady in the Ward named D. We went over there to just visit with her, but when we got there she wasn’t home, so we decided to weed her flower beds…and let me tell you, that was a task! We managed to get the whole front yard done in about an hour, but at the end of that hour the weed pile was as big as me!

One really cool thing about this week has been F. She is our really cool new investigator lady from Turkey! I was pretty excited because I totally knew a bunch of Turkish people back in the day, so we got to connect over how legit Turkish food is. She is so cute and has never really been religious, but recently has really started wondering about the answers to life’s big questions like where we came from and why we’re here, etc. We met with her for the first time on Tuesday and we mostly answered some of her specific questions about our beliefs and about why religion is important in general. It went really well, and she was excited to meet with us again! We saw her for the second time on Saturday, and since she doesn’t have any background in Christianity, and because of the nature of her questions, we felt strongly impressed to teach the Plan of Salvation rather than the Restoration, which is normally what we start with. It was SO COOL! It was one of the best lessons I’ve taught on my mission so far, and she absolutely loved the Plan of Salvation.

We had another really cool experience teaching the Plan of Salvation this week which I will talk about later, but I want to take the time here to just bear my testimony of the perfection of Heavenly Father’s plan. It is absolutely flawless, there are no loopholes, no mistakes, it is perfect, and it is my favorite thing to teach people as a missionary because you can see them connect with it so strongly, and you know that it’s because they’re not learning it for the first time, their spirit is remembering truth they once knew. It is just the coolest thing!

We also had a great lesson with C this week, Sister W came with us and we mostly discussed C’s reading, and her feelings about her spiritual journey. She is progressing so well, she just needs to let go of her current church and the social aspect of it all. She has promised us that she will be at church this coming Sunday, and that is a big step for C, I hope she follows through!

We also had a couple good lessons with the L kids. We made them a board where they can write down the commitments we give them and check them off as they do them, and they absolutely love it! They got to decorate the board and ever since it went up they have been meticulous about doing their reading, they are so cute! The girls, D & Z, even came to church this week! They were a little nervous going into Primary, but they did great and afterwards their teachers said they even participated in the lesson!

So the other really cool experience we had with the Plan of Salvation this week was with A & T. They are dating, she is a returning member, and he is a Lutheran, but he’s investigating. He’s pretty new to religion in general, so we’ve had to take things slow with him, but when we taught the Plan of Salvation last night at the end of the lesson he got really quiet and he said “this was a really good lesson…it’s different, but it all makes a lot of sense.” He loved it!!!!! We left him with a chapter in the Book of Mormon to read that relates to the Plan of Salvation and he was so excited!! It was amazing!

Sorry that this was a short email this week, it was a short week! Next week’s will be better!

Happy Father’s Day to my own father, to all the men who have acted as fathers to me, and to all the men around the world who loving fulfill their priesthood duties as husbands and fathers, the whole world would be lost without you!


Sister Thomas

This is a picture of Sister S & I with a basket full of Easter candy that we only paid one dollar for. It was a miracle.

Hannah with Easter Candy.jpg


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