Dear Family and Friends,

Hello, Hello, Hello!

So everything changed this week, transfers happened and it was a whirlwind of a week! Monday evening, we had dinner with the B’s, one of my favorite families in Searcy. They have three kids and live out on a couple of acres in McRae with 2 peacocks, 2 pheasants, 3 puppies, 6 pigs, 4 sheep, about a million chickens, and 1 turkey. It rained out any chance of Memorial Day BBQ, so we had Memorial Day pancakes!! We ate and yelled and laughed and then Olivia (their 13-year-old daughter) played us her Ukulele. It was wonderful and sad because I knew I was getting transferred, and I REALLY didn’t want to get transferred! Tuesday we had exchanges with Jacksonville, and Sister A & I stayed in Searcy. The day resulted in a whirlwind of goodbyes and honestly, it was a really hard day. Thankfully Sister Arnold was very understanding and was happy to take a much needed Wendy’s Frosty break. The Searcy Ward is full of characters, and I am going to miss every single one of them, I LOVE Searcy!!!! I have lots of pictures from this day that will be included in the email.

Wednesday we spent the morning packing, and then exchanged back. Jacksonville was on bike week, so when we were done exchanging, we offered to give them a ride somewhere, and while we were driving it started POURING rain, like POURING. The poor Jacksonville sisters looked like wet rats as they knocked on the door of their appointment, who wasn’t there, so then we had to give them a ride somewhere else! Hahaha. Oh the joys of bike week!

Wednesday night was Book of Mormon class and another slew of goodbyes at the church. You know you love an area when you have multiple people offer you the chance to come back and live with them. Haha. I will miss these crazy folks.

Thursday I made my way back to the Memphis side, which is a miracle! As sad as I was to leave Searcy, and I WAS sad, I love Memphis and am so excited to be back! Driving over the bridge into Tennessee felt like coming home in a very real sense. I am a Memphis missionary. My new area is called Walnut Grove, and we cover two units, a large family Ward, and the Memphis YSA branch, which means six hours of church every Sunday! It’s kind of insane, but I like it. 🙂 The family Ward is huge, and that is really nice, lots of people = lots of dinners! Hahaha no, but I am excited to serve there. The YSA branch is a whole different animal, haha. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about it yet, but I think I am going to like it. It’s just a little weird being a missionary in a branch that is made up exclusively of people my age. Sunday meetings with them was a fascinating experience. because for the first time I realized just how far removed I have become from my peer group. I don’t feel like I’m different than I was, but watching the YSA’s at church yesterday, I can see that I most certainly am.

Two fun stories from this week that both involve bugs: Saturday morning we woke up and noticed a large thing by the door to our bedroom…IT WAS THE BIGGEST SPIDER I HAVE EVER SEEN IN A HOME. I will include a picture of our well laid out spider trap. Sister S was a valiant spider hunter. Then, later that day, we knocked on this door, but the people didn’t answer and we noticed this huge really cool moth by the door! So I took a picture, but I wanted a closer up one, so I tried to push my Book of Mormon under it to make it stand on the Book of Mormon, and it peed or something all over the book!! It was crazy and horrifying and I screamed! I will also include pictures of that, haha.

Well, that’s about all for this week, but I promise once I am settled in that my letters will be more detailed! I just want y’all to know that I know Christ lives, that He loves us, and that this is His church. I hope each of you has a great week, and I love y’all!

Sister Thomas


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