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I hope y’all had a great week, Mine was great, but kind of insane crazy at the same time. 🙂 I absolutely adore being a Sister Training Leader, but sometimes it gets a little overwhelming, and this week was one of those weeks.

On Monday we went to A’s (our 11-year-old recent convert) softball game and it was so fun! It was very windy and there was lots of dirt blowing into my eyes, It reminded me so much of home. 🙂

We started the work week off with exchanges with the Mountain View sisters. We have a set of service missionaries in our Ward, the Reynolds, who are in charge of all the apartment inspections and stuff here in Searcy zone & they drove us up to Mountain View on Tuesday, because they were doing their apartment inspection that day. They also were stopping in Heber Springs to do the Quitman elders apartment inspection, so I had a pretty good time giving the elders a hard time about how not clean their apartment was. Mountain View’s tiny house (there are no apartment buildings in Mountain View) was great though and those girls are so cute. 🙂 I stayed here in Searcy with Sister K and we just had a grand ole’ time. On Tuesday my life changed because a member put two musicals on my USB and I about died. Sister K is a huge musical theatre kid too, so we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves riding around Searcy singing along to “Godspell” at the top of our lungs. Don’t worry though, we taught some lessons too!

We had a great lesson with G, who is wonderful, but still doesn’t understand the Spirit. We spent a long time talking about it with her and finally discovered that she doesn’t think she has ever received an answer to a prayer through feeling the Spirit. She has only received answers through physical happenings, so we are having a really hard time helping her recognize her answer about the Book of Mormon. We read the beginning of 3 Nephi 11 though and explained that, just like the people at Bountiful that day, each of us has to open ourselves up to the messages God is trying to send us if we want to understand what he is saying. We challenged her to spend 30 seconds after every prayer and every Book of Mormon study, just focusing on her feelings and trying to feel how God is communicating with her.

On Wednesday we switched back and then found out that one of our sisters (who I LOVE) was going home and we had to help out with that….it was awful! She has gotten really sick recently and they decided she had to go ahead and go home, but it was very hard for me because she has been one of my very favorite missionaries. I hope she makes a quick recovery, and I wish her all the best because she is wonderful. Another fun thing that happened on Wednesday is that Sister F forgot her wallet in Mountain View, so on Thursday we had to drive back up to Heber Springs to meet the Mountain View sisters halfway and get her wallet. Fun Fact: Heber Springs is an hour away, so Mountain View is two hours away. Searcy Zone is huge!!

Once we were back in our area on Thursday we went and visited L & A. L is so dang solid…I just wish they could get married!! Quick recap on their situation: A is a returning member, L is an investigator. They live together, but can’t get married because A is still married to her husband and is having a hard time getting divorced. It’s so sad though because L just understands the gospel! It’s so cool to see 🙂

On Friday we had exchanges with the Cabot sisters, but we headed up to Cabot early so that we could do their weekly planning with them. Right now they are in a trio, Sister M, Sister F, and Sister W. I stayed in Cabot with Sister M & Sister F and it was so much fun! We went out with several members there in Cabot and ate some cheesecake to finish off the night. Saturday we did some service and helped some members set up their son’s wedding reception in their back yard, and it was SO FUN because it was superhero themed! I loved it obviously, hahah. When it was time to switch back,the members invited us to stay and eat dinner at the reception, which we did. After that we headed to the F’s house because the office elders brought some couches for us to burn, so we had another huge bonfire! After which we played a game of hot potato with little burnt up pieces of wood and it was so fun, but very scary!


Sunday the S’s, the family who had signed up for dinner, asked if they could take us to Heber Springs to eat dinner with her non-member parents. The zone leaders said yes, and we had so much fun!! Their house was beautiful and the conversation was excellent. It was cool to see members so unafraid to introduce their family to missionaries, unfortunately they don’t live in our area, so we will have to tell the Heber Springs missionaries to stop by 🙂

I also gave a talk in church this Sunday, and it was all about the importance of commandments. I LOVED giving it because it was so cool to read and understand that all of the commandments are given because our Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to succeed!

I love y’all!!!

Sister Thomas

Superhero Wedding Reception
Superhero Reception

Super Hero ReceptionSuperhero Reception

Hannah's District Searcy
District meeting

Hannah Searcy


Sister Thomas is tired
Dead on the floor

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