Dear Family & Friends,


So this week was another busy one. I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that for these last six months of my mission I will be exhausted all the time, and I’m okay with that! Missionary work is a great reason to be exhausted. Monday was very casual. Thank goodness for casual p-days. I think at this point I would literally die without them. We mostly hung out and enjoyed ourselves playing volleyball/napping at the church, so that was pretty great.

Tuesday we had specialized training for the whole zone in Batesville and we were instructing. We based our instructions around the phrase “What Happens Here Will Change the World” and talked about how each of us, through our personal diligence and obedience, have the ability to change the world. It fit in super well with our zone vision for 2016, which is to “Be the most effective stake in Zion” here in Searcy zone we make no small plans, after all “they have no magic to stir men’s souls”.

After specialized we went on exchanges and I spent time in Lonoke with Sister W. Sister W and I came out together, and we’re both from Texas so that was kind of fun. Lonoke is a very small Arkansas town where everybody knows everybody, and that can make it hard to break through to people sometimes, because everyone is so concerned about what the neighbors might think, but the sisters are doing a great job. We had an adventurous morning volunteering at a food bank, and while we were there this lady fell and split her lip open and was bleeding everywhere and we had to call an ambulance. Too bad there were no elders to offer a priesthood blessing, but we prayed for her! It was pretty scary, but it definitely woke me up a bit! After we were done with the Lonoke exchanges, we went and visited M, my deaf lady in Beebe. She is doing well 🙂 We had correlation at the WML’s house that night, and then dinner with the Bishop’s family. They have four young kids who are kind of crazy, and every time we go over, Sister W apologizes for her kids, but I love it!! It so reminds me of home 🙂

Thursday we had dinner with the F’s, my favorite wild family. They showed us the GoPro videos from our swing adventures, and we all ate Little Caesar’s on the couch while they told stories about their many years in the funeral business. They are just a hoot! They remind me of a family from a movie, I just love them.

Friday we traveled up to Batesville to weekly plan with them and go on exchanges. It was super fun to weekly plan with them, and after we were done we had dinner in this really cute restaurant called Bigs. They had chalkboard pieces all over the walls and people drew all sorts of cool pictures, it was so cute! After lunch I came back down to Searcy with Sister D, and we had a great time. She is a great sister, she knows what she’s doing and she doesn’t worry about anything else, I really liked being with her. We had dinner with a recent convert family, the D’s, that night and they gave us a referral for their friends! Sister D said that she felt like we really needed to go by and see them, so that’s exactly what we did. Saturday morning, we stopped by and from the moment we walked up A (the referral) was in tears. Her aunt had died late the night before and A was heartbroken. She said that right in that moment us showing up was exactly what she needed as a reminder that God loved her! It’s amazing the way the Spirit works sometimes. We were able to teach a brief lesson to her and her husband, leave them with a chapter in the Book of Mormon to read, and set a return appointment! We have really needed this miracle since our area has been struggling a little recently.

This week I have just been so thankful for the little tender mercies the Lord places in our path, because they truly are what sustain us through times of trial. One beautiful little tender mercy this week has been fireflies. Because Searcy is a more rural area, there are tons of roads that have open fields on either side, and now that it is warming up, when you drive at night those fields are full of thousands of fireflies. It is breathtaking, it literally looks like magic. The beauty of this earth is no accident! Our earth is beautiful because our Heavenly Father wants us to be happy! I am so thankful for my knowledge of His love, and His plan.

Love y’all!!

Sister Thomas




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