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This was a very good week Y’all. Monday & Tuesday were relatively uneventful, although I do have kind of a funny story from Tuesday. So we volunteer at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (thrift store) and on Tuesday we had just finished volunteering and were standing in the parking lot talking to a woman about our faith, when this old lady comes up from behind me, gets less than a foot away from me, reads my name tag intently for a good solid minute, looks up at me with this very intense expression of disgust, and then walks away without saying a word!! It was so funny!! hahaha afterwards Sister F & I got in the car and just laughed and laughed about it. Sweet is the work!!

On Wednesday we had a Leadership Training meeting in North Little Rock and it was SO cool. President W relayed to us the comments from a missionary couple who had recently spent a few days in our mission. They said that out of all the missions they’ve visited, ours is different. We have missionaries who are scriptorians, who know the doctrine and can back it up with scripture, they also said we have missionaries who are energetic and excited to do this work. The Arkansas Little Rock Mission is on fire!!! The big focus of the meeting was that we are in fact on fire, and what things we need to continue doing, as well as things we need to stop doing and start doing in order to allow the fire to spread and grow to new heights. It was an exciting meeting, it’s so cool to see the ways our mission is growing and improving.

Here in the Searcy Zone leadership we decided to hold a “Super Searcy Saturday,” where we invited everyone in the zone to fast from Friday to Saturday, and then make it a goal to set as many baptismal dates as possible as a zone. We kicked it all off with a zone conference call Friday night. As a zone we set the goal of setting 19 baptismal dates on Saturday, shared some brief thoughts on the spiritual benefits that this fast would have for us, and then knelt in prayer as a zone. It was a really cool and unifying experience to fast and pray together in that way. It’s amazing the spiritual strength that comes with fasting. Sister F & I set the goal of three baptismal dates for our Super Searcy Saturday, and that was a huge act of faith because we had no idea who we were going to set those three dates with…but the Lord provides when we act in faith!

We were out and about Saturday when we decided to stop by the home of this family we had met last week, but hadn’t been able to contact again. We knocked on the door, and when we got there they were in the middle of a shaving cream fight! Haha. But they answered and let us in and we taught the restoration right there! They are a family of eight, and they just moved here to Searcy. They have been looking for a church, and LOVED the restoration! As soon as we finished the lesson, we extended the baptismal invitation and all eight of them accepted a date for June 11th!! We had prayed in faith to be able to set three baptismal dates, and Heavenly Father handed us eight! As a zone we ended up setting 18 baptismal dates, which is so cool!! We were very excited 🙂

After we broke our fast (with shaved ice, yay summer!!), we headed out to McRae to the F’s home because we were burning!! I burned a skirt, Sister F had some tights she had to burn for her six-month mark, which was like three months ago, but whatevs, haha.

Elder O goes home at the end of the transfer, so he had to burn a whole suit, and then Elder L was burning a tie! When we got there the F’s had a woodpile that went 15 feet in the air ready for us to burn. It was crazy!! We made Elder O’s suit into a scarecrow and placed it standing up at the top of the bonfire. It was great!! I have pictures to send 🙂

Mother’s Day was wonderful, but a little sad of course. During Sacrament meeting, I got to help with the primary musical number, and the kids all did so well with their sign language! I was very impressed with all of them! After church we went home, because Sister F has a pretty bad cold and she seriously needed a nap.

After that we went to the S’s to Skype our families and it was SO wonderful! I loved laughing and singing and crying with my family, it was just like old times. It’s insane to think that the next time I talk to them it will be in person…missions go by too fast!! I love you all. I am so thankful for the support and love I get from everyone at home. I could not do this without it. I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father and everything that He has given me, but especially my family.


Sister Thomas

Dramatic Hannah

Dramatic Sister Thomas Pic

Sign Found Tracting

Sign found tracting


H with Fire

Sister Thomas with the fire.





Car selfie with Kelsey

Car selfie with Kelsey (a member).

Silly Car Selfie with Fisher

Car selfie without Kelsey, haha



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