Dear Family & Friends:


We had a great week here in the Promised Land of Searcy!

Last Monday Sister F went to the temple so I spent the day in North Little Rock and thankfully Sister A’s companion was going to the temple so she was there too!!! AND, Elder C (the mission vehicle coordinator) let us take a car that was being turned in and told us to drive wherever we wanted because miles didn’t matter on it! Haha. So we drove all over Little Rock together and it was so fun. It had only been five days since we since we had been companions, but it felt like five years. I miss her!! After we were done being hooligans in Little Rock we came back to the church and said goodbye to Sister B & Sister Z, our two #1 best friends, who both went home last Tuesday. It was really hard…but after standing on the street corner to wave them one last farewell as they drove away in the AP’s truck, and once we had officially stopped crying, we just resolved to be each other’s #1 best friends. Now that she’s in Glenwood (a tiny town west of Little Rock) we have been texting regularly, and I am just so thankful for the friendships you find on a mission, they’re really special.

This week we finally got to see M, my deaf lady again!! I was so happy because I miss signing. She had forgiven me for not being willing to interpret for her at the police station, so I was thankful for that haha, and she was so happy that I’d brought her an ASL copy of the Book of Mormon (before you ask, it’s on DVD). Deaf people are so fun and I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to become involved in Deaf culture here on the mission, it’s the best! This week we went teaching with MH, a YSA who has been a member of the church since August. We took her to a lesson with G, who is a member of the Church of Christ, and it was so awesome because M converted from the Church of Christ! She loved teaching with us, and I am really hoping that we can get her on a mission, I just want everyone to serve a mission! G loved M as well, and the spirit was really strong during the lesson. We set a baptismal date with G for the 14th of May, and I am really hoping that happens! She came to church this Sunday, (yay!!!) and loved it! She is so diligent about reading the Book of Mormon and she loves it when we give her reading assignments!! She is so going to get baptized, and I am so excited!!!

This week we also had a really cool experience finding. We have needed some new investigators recently, but haven’t been having a ton of success. So on Thursday we prayed about an area to go finding and just buckled down and did it. We ended up knocking on the door of a family of eight who just moved here…and they’re looking for a church!! We are going back this Tuesday 🙂 Even cooler though, is that after we had the faith to find, and did the work to find, we went to our ward cook off on Saturday and a family who is feeding us this Friday told us they are inviting two non-members to dinner and that they have already discussed the Book of Mormon with them and given them a copy! AND, at church Sunday we received another referral from a member! If we are faithful Heavenly Father always provides, and I am so thankful for that! He just expects us to do our part 🙂

Anyway, this is short, but next week will be exciting! We are burning my skirt because Friday is my 1-year mark!! Craziness!!

I love y’all!!

Sister Thomas

Me with my new best friend cat

Hannah with her new cat best friend.jpg


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