Dear Family & Friends:

This week was a…roller coaster. There is no other word for it! Monday night all the missionaries went out to visit the F’s, this crazy family in our ward with five kids and every kind of pet you could imagine, because Elder H hit 18 months and was burning his pants to commemorate the occasion. They also have this swing that they make all the missionaries use, when I took my turn on the swing I couldn’t walk afterwards and fell right to the ground. It was pretty dang funny. When I hit my year mark on May 6th (next week??!!?) I will be burning a skirt, and I will send home pictures and videos of that, haha.

Tuesday we spent the whole day getting Sister A ready to leave, so we packed and said goodbyes, and all those good things, and it was a really sad day! I miss her a lot, and the Searcy ward misses her a lot too!! Sometimes we had some pretty crazy ideas…but we always had fun!! We also had district meeting and the AP’s came, so that was good.

Wednesday we had Mission Leadership Council (MLC) and it was super intense, but really good!! We talked so much about how we can improve our performance and focus our vision as a mission, and it is so cool to be able to discuss and give input on the future direction of the mission! Wednesday was pretty hard though because I had to say goodbye to Sister A as a companion and goodbye to Sister B permanently, because she flies home tomorrow. I can’t believe she is going home, but I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to meet her. I love her so much!!!!

After MLC I got my new companion, Sister F. She is a newly called STL and I am super excited to work with her! She came out the transfer after me, and she is really sweet. She has been in the Searcy Zone before, so she is familiar with the energy and excitement that makes Searcy Zone the best zone in the mission!!! She is from Flagstaff, AZ and she did a year at BYU Provo before she came out. She loves music and plays the piano, which is good because I don’t and the ward really depends on the missionaries for piano players, haha. Thursday we hit the ground running and saw a bunch of people with a bunch of members. We had lessons with K and G, with Sister K, a member of the ward Relief Society presidency. Both of them went super well, and we were able to set baptismal dates with both of them! K’s is for May 7th and G’s is for May 14th.

After that we went to see J, who we haven’t seen in forever, with S, and had an AWESOME lesson!! We re-taught the restoration and she understood everything so well. When we got to the actual restoration and we explained that there is a prophet on the earth today, she literally gasped with excitement. She was so delighted to know we have a prophet right now; for us, and it really made me evaluate how much I appreciate the prophet, and really ponder on whether or not I appreciate him as much as I should. I love teaching the gospel so much because it reminds me of how joyful the gospel truly is. So many people have no idea about simple truths that I have known since Primary, and when they discover them their lives change. I am so blessed!!

Friday was not as good of a day. I woke up at 4 am with really sharp stomach pains and nausea. By the time my comp got up two and a half hours later it was still really bad, so I called the mission nurse and she was concerned that it might be appendicitis, so she sent me to the ER. I was pretty upset and a little scared, honestly. They admitted me and hooked me up to an IV. That really helped with the pain, and then they decided to do a CT scan, which came back negative, so they sent me home and told me it was just a really bad stomach bug! After they sent me home, I slept for the entire rest of the day, which was beautiful, and I am now feeling much better 🙂

Saturday we had a stake Relief Society conference and it was super fun! We got to attend little classes put on by sisters in the stake, and each one was so spiritual and uplifting, but so different! I just love how our church provides so many different ways for us to strengthen one another as sisters! Sunday was Sister F’s first opportunity to meet most of the Searcy ward, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. (Anyone would, this ward is hilarious!). For Mother’s Day, I have been teaching the Primary the song “Mother I Love You” in sign language, so they can perform it in Sacrament Meeting, and yesterday they asked me if I would sub in as the music leader next week for Singing Time!! I happily agreed, and I am so excited to do it! Service opportunities are great, and I am so thankful for the chance to strengthen our relationship with the ward, but I am mostly excited to teach in Primary 🙂

This week was a good one, and next week is going to be even better! I love y’all so much!!


Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas

IV Bruises

My IV bruises

In the ER

Me in the ER

Me with Sister Bryce

Me and Sister B.

Hilarious District Photo Searcy

Hilarious District Picture



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