Hello Family & Friends!

I hope y’all all had a great week! 🙂 This week was absolutely crazy because we went on exchanges three times!! Our first exchange started Monday evening with the Lonoke Sisters. I went to Lonoke with Sister W, and Sister A stayed in Searcy with Sister J. Sister W has only been in the area for about a week thanks to an emergency transfer, but she did a good job of navigating me around! We spent a lot of time trying to contact people on their list of potential investigators, with little to no success. I guess no one wanted to be home on a Tuesday afternoon, but sweet is the work! Sister W was a good sport about everything though, and that was good! We also volunteered at the food bank there in Lonoke and that was really fun! We basically just filled orders and then brought them out to the people. We ended our night in Lonoke by visiting a family they’ve been working with recently. One member of the family is excommunicated, one is less active, and the other is a non-member. They’re teaching the non-member, trying to reactivated the less active, and trying to re-baptize the excommunicated member, it’s a party! Haha. We had a really great lesson with them though, and at the end of it we set a baptismal date with A, the non-member! So that was pretty dang cool.

Wednesday morning, we headed in to Jacksonville for Zone Conference, where we were ending our exchange with the Lonoke sisters. This zone conference everyone had to get a TIWI put in their car, which is a device that monitors your speed, seat belts, hard breaks, etc. and coaches you to correct violations, as well as records when you violate a traffic law. It has caused a lot of stress among missionaries in the 5 days we have had them, haha. Along with instruction on the TIWIs, the mission medical coordinator for this region came and instructed us on how we can be more healthy missionaries, and that was fun. He was really funny, and he basically told us all to stop eating so much fried food, which based off the culture of Searcy, I don’t see happening any time soon for me, haha!

After Zone Meeting I headed up to Mountain View with Sister K and Sister B, and Sister T went to Searcy with Sister A. Mountain View is this really cute town all the way in the top of our area, in the foothills of the Ozarks. It is the Folk Music Capital of the World! I really enjoyed my time up there as well, and I got to volunteer at a food bank there too! I am thoroughly prepared for a future in food banks, haha! I hope at some point in my mission I get to serve at least one transfer in a little branch, because they seem so cool!

On Thursday we switched back from exchanges and we were together for the rest of Thursday night before we switched again Friday morning with the Batesville sisters, but this time I got to stay in Searcy. Sister C and I taught three member present lessons and found two new investigators together, so I’d say our exchange was pretty successful. 🙂 Three exchanges this week has really reinforced to me that I have so much to learn from the sisters I serve! I love going on exchanges, and I am so excited for next transfer! Speaking of next transfer, we got calls last night and Sister A is being released as an STL and going to serve in Glenwood, which is in a different zone. 😦 😦 😦 I am so sad because I love her so much and I have had so much fun being her companion!! My new companion will be Sister F, and this will be her first transfer as an STL so I will be taking over as STL 1, and training her in the ways of sister training leadership, haha.

I am very thankful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary, and I am so thankful to be one here in Searcy! I love y’all!

Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas

The Best District in the Mission

Best District in the mission

Hannah and Sister Waters Being Silly

Sister W & I being silly

Hannah Being Silly

Me being silly

With the Loanoke Sisters

 With the Lonoke sisters








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