Dear Family and Friends:


I apologize for my letter last week, it was not my best and I will make this one longer, more detailed, and more spiritual, I promise!!

This Monday I was very tired, and very unmotivated, so I spent most of P-Day officiating the volleyball and basketball games everyone else was playing. I think that becoming a sports official might be a good career choice for me, I would get to watch lots of sports, tell other people what to do, have authority, and it requires zero athletic ability. Sounds perfect! Hahaha.

Tuesday morning we had district meeting, and Sister A & I brought stuff for root beer floats. The Beebe elders thought it would be fun to show us up though, and bought everyone in the district + J, Subway sandwiches. Don’t worry, they had some gift cards, they’re not just crazy people. This district is really different than any district I’ve ever been in. On the one hand there is a ton of leadership in our district because it has a set of STLs (us), Zone Leaders, our district leader, and then the senior companion in our district’s last companionship was a zone leader for a little more than a year. On the other hand, Elder H (our district leader) is one of the funniest people I have ever met, and his meetings reflect that. For example, this week we had district meeting in the primary room and we all sat in the sunbeam chairs for the entire duration of the meeting. He also refused to not use the microphone even though everyone was sitting just a couple of feet in front of him. He is hilarious, and I am so thankful to be in his district. He is the type of missionary who, earlier in my mission, would have made me really upset because I felt like he wasn’t taking anything seriously, but now I can really appreciate that while he maybe works differently, he works really hard, and he receives revelation over his stewardship, and we are all blessed for his leadership. The Beebe district is the highest baptizing district in the entire Searcy zone, and one of the highest baptizing districts in the mission, and while not all of that success is due to Elder H’s leadership, he certainly doesn’t hurt it.

After district meeting on Tuesday, Sister A started to really not feel well, so we went home so that she could take a nap. Her nose was running like a faucet, and she had a pretty bad pressure headache, so we thought it must be allergies. She took some medicine and laid down, and after a couple of hours she felt well enough for us to go to a lesson with T, our 93 year old Church of Christ investigator. We had a member, Sister R, come with us and she gave the opening prayer, during which she prayed that T would decide to be baptized, haha. The lesson didn’t go quite that well, and while T was as kind to us as ever. He really doesn’t understand the need for priesthood authority, and is thoroughly convinced that the Church of Christ is God’s only true church on the earth today. He was pretty surprised when Sister R bore her testimony and told how she was converted from the Church of Christ.

After our meeting with T we headed out to Kennsett to visit the B’s, the family of 4 I talked about last time. When we got out there they had some other family visiting and it was a bad time, so we rescheduled. After that Sister A called it good and we came back in so that she could rest. We ended up pushing our beds together, making Kool-Aid & popcorn, and watching The Testaments 🙂

Wednesday morning we woke up and Sister A felt really bad, and I decided it would be best for her to spend most of the day in bed resting. I on the other hand, could not do that, so I conducted studies on my own as best I could, and then I spent the rest of the day cleaning the apartment from top to bottom, hahah. At 4:30, Sister A felt well enough, so we went to our regularly scheduled dinner/correlation with the Ward Mission Leader and the other missionaries in the ward, and after that we traveled to Book of Mormon class, and on the way there it started POURING rain. When we got out of the car even the short run from the parking lot to inside left us soaking, but it was worth it because Book of Mormon class was super great, and the Spirit was really strong. Thursday I had my first Mission Leadership Council. MLC is made up of the mission presidency, the APs, and all the zone and sister training leaders in the mission. We hold MLC once a month, and this was my first one. It was really cool to discuss the mission and have some say on mission goals and focuses 🙂

I LOVED general conference this weekend. It was so spiritually uplifting and I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to listen and learn at the feet of prophets & apostles. I couldn’t help but tear up at the announcement of the 4 new temples. The Lord truly is hastening the work of salvation!! I am so thankful that President Monson was able to address us, and while the address was short and sweet, it was powerful. I am so thankful for the Prophet!

I hope that each of y’all had a great week, and that you enjoyed your conference weekend. If you didn’t have the chance to watch General Conference I would invite y’all to utilize the miracle of technology and do it as soon as possible!

Love y’all!

Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas

Mission Leadership

The leadership of the ALRM 🙂

Hannah with INSYNC Wrapping Paper

Me with 7 roles of NSYNC wrapping paper that I bought for 25 cents each at Habitat for Humanity hahah. Sister Accountius was throwing a shoe at me in this picture. We wrapped one of the roles of NSYNC wrapping paper in NSYNC wrapping paper and gave it to the zone leaders for April Fools day, haha


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