Dear Family and Friends,

Well, this week was really great. We had exchanges with the sisters down in Cabot. I was with Sister M. We played volleyball with the ward and we taught a really awesome part member family. We were blessed to follow the promptings of the Spirit and to be able to help them with their questions and needs. Sister M is my child…not really she is my emotional and spiritual child. I follow-up trained her so she is really awesome. Just kidding, haha #imhumble. She really is an awesome Sister and is doing a great job in her area.

We also taught this really old Church of Christ man and all he did was bible bash…AND I WON. Not with Bible bashing, because I refused to, I just tried to teach with the Spirit.

It seemed like this week we had a lot of questions on the priesthood and I am so happy that last week I was able to bear my testimony on it. Most people here just don’t have a good answer when they are questioned about it, or they just don’t even know what the priesthood is or what difference it can make in all our lives. I am hoping we can help both our members understand it and those who aren’t of our faith, so that they can understand the blessings it brings.

I just want to share with each of you that I know the church is true and it blesses all of our lives. I love this gospel and this mission. The people here are perfect, or I guess I should say this is the perfect place for ME to be serving. The South is the best!!

Everyone have a good week and be blessed 🙂


Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas, ALRM

Me and Sister M                      Exchanges w/ The Cabot sisters



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