Dear Family & Friends,

The title is a little misleading; this week wasn’t THAT much fun, but it was a good week 🙂 Monday we ended our P-Day with a little fishing at The S’s. Arkadelphia is the dream, and fishing was so fun! I was the ultimate victor of the day, and out of the four sisters, and the two members, I caught the most fish. That is probably due to my extensive fishing experience thanks to Ba!

Monday night we also had a GREAT lesson with K & J, and she told us all about how much she loves the Mormon church, and how when she was young her step-mom used to take her to church and she always wanted to be baptized, but her dad said no. We asked her if she wanted to be baptized now and she said yes, but knew that she couldn’t be because she and J aren’t married. We told her the branch president would be happy to put a wedding together and they were so excited!!

Tuesday we came back to Little Rock, and to be honest it was kind of bittersweet, I totally fell in love with Arkadelphia!! It was good though.

Wednesday we had Zone Conference and it was SO spiritual! We learned all about obedience and how we can increase our desire to be obedient. I was so thankful for it! I am really striving to be more obedient, and it’s difficult, but I am thankful for that too! Some other highlights from the week; we had a lesson with the M family and it went so well! We taught The Plan of Salvation and the kids were so engaged, and the parents both expressed how much sense it made. C made that comment that we were the first people who ever explained the afterlife in a way that made sense. The Spirit was so strong during the lesson, and I am so thankful for the opportunity we have to teach this family. Towards the end of the lesson the kids all said “we want to be baptized so bad!!”

I’m sorry this email is short, but it was a good week! I received a couple of wonderful blessings in the past couple weeks, and I want to just bear my testimony to y’all of the power of the priesthood. It is so real! The priesthood is here for us, it’s meant to bless us, and when we utilize it we can receive so much peace. I want to encourage all of y’all to take advantage of the priesthood power more; get more blessings! Use the power as much as possible! I love y’all so much, and I hope everyone has a good week!!


Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas

Hannah fishing

Me with a fish I caught

Beautiful Arkadelphia

The pond in Arkadelphia!

Sister Thomas' Zone in Little Rock

All the sisters in our zone




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