Dear Family & Friends,

Well, we’ve really been gearing up to get Sister L ready to go home, which has been really weird. I’ve been making a concerted effort though to not let it make me trunky, haha.

We also had an interesting experience this week with this guy named R. He is a former investigator who had all the lessons about a year ago, but then they thought he moved to Michigan. So Sister N, the ASL sister who just went home from Bartlett, was here a year ago when they were teaching him, and she asked me to try and see if we could find him. Well, we did find him, he hadn’t moved, and when we showed up we was SO happy! He told us how much he wanted to get baptized and we were so excited, so we went and told some members, and then found out that he has a serious past with drugs, and when the bishop found out we had gotten back in contact with him, he called President W, and he told us to hand him over to the elders. At first I was really upset, I could teach this guy just as well as the elders, and I don’t understand how it is significantly safer for the elders to teach him than us. But, we followed the council of our leaders and handed him over to the elders, and then afterwards let the bishop know. It ended up being so good! The bishop was really happy we had listened to him, and we had a great conversation. We NEED interactions like that with the bishop. Things always go better when you listen to your leaders, and I am so thankful to know that!

Next week is transfers. I can’t believe I have already been here almost 6 weeks. I have no idea what is happening next transfer, but I have faith that it will be good.

This week I have been thinking a lot about what holds me back as a missionary, and I want to start a thing where each week I tell y’all something I am going to leave behind in order to become a better missionary, and this week what I want to leave behind is my tendency to gossip. I usually don’t say hurtful things, but there have been points in my mission where I have spread information that wasn’t mine to spread, and I hate that! I am going to do my best to leave this behind me and move forward as a better missionary. I want y’all to hold me accountable and check in with me about my progress with this 🙂

Love y’all!!

Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas



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