Dear Friends and Family,

This week was good! We got a lot of great work done, and met some wonderful people. We started out the week with exchanges. I stayed in Little Rock with Sister V, and Sister L went to Pinnacle Mountain with Sister A. I had a really good time. I always do on exchanges. One thing we did while on exchanges was to have a kind of a do or die / come to Jesus lesson with our long time investigator J. We explained to him that if he isn’t making any progress, and isn’t really willing to change, then we have better ways to use our time. It sounds harsh, but the lesson went really well. We had a member there with us and that made a big difference. We came to the consensus that J has some things he needs to figure out on his own, but that he is still interested in learning about the church. We decided to cut back on the number of times we visit him throughout the month, but we are still going to remind and invite him to things like church and ward activities. We’ll see what happens. He came to church this Sunday, so that was really great. Hopefully it means this plan is working!

Recently we have been receiving a TON of media referrals for people requesting Bibles. This week we truly saw blessings from it as we met D. She was a lady who had requested a Bible and when we went to drop it off, she immediately invited us inside. When we asked her why she had ordered the Bible, she told us that about a year ago that she woke up one day and felt like God was telling her to quit drinking. She said: “I wasn’t a heavy drinker, I drank socially, but not that much. I just knew though, that God was telling me I needed to quit, so I did.” Next, God told her she needed to either marry her boyfriend or they needed to stop living together. They got married, and she is so happy. When we explained more about our message and what we wanted to teach her she excitedly told us she was supposed to be out of the house right then, but for some reason she felt like she needed to stay home. Talk about being prepared by the Lord!!! We set a return appointment and we are going back to see her on Tuesday. J

We spent New Year’s Eve at the church with the ward. It was really fun. We played board games and I killed everyone at Phase 10. Years of playing Sets & Runs has trained me well J It was a little upsetting though, because no one went to pick up our deaf members, K & P, until we were leaving at 9:00. So they got to the party and had no one to talk to but each other! It was a good night though. A member brought Sister L & I silly string, and that probably wasn’t such a bright idea. I will include pictures, haha.

This week has been a little difficult in some ways though. There are some struggles with the ward right now. I came from a ward where the relationship with the missionaries was really strong, People really wanted to help us and the people we taught. But here that hasn’t been the case as much. I feel like the relationship is strained and I don’t really know how to fix it. I am praying a lot about it though, and I hope that I can make things better by just doing my best to love the people here.

This coming Sunday I am singing in church and I am really excited about it. I will take a video of one of the practices and send it out. This week since we were on exchanges, I took the lead on signing when we went to go visit P and K. I had to be the one communicating with them, and translating for Sister V, who doesn’t know sign, and I was kind of nervous it wouldn’t go well, but it was great!! We were able to teach two good lessons, and I understood everything they told us J

Sorry my letters have been so short recently. I am going to try writing down things that happened at the end of each day, so that I have more to say when Monday rolls around! I love y’all and I hope everyone has a great week 🙂


Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas


Silly String1

Silly String3


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