Dear Friends and Family,

Okay, so weirdest, and now, most stressful week of my life. This week we had two almost all day mission meetings, and a Christmas party for the Ward, and a Christmas music devotional, and I just feel like we spent a lot of time in meetings and parties, and not a lot of time out proselyting, and that stressed me out.

Monday was pretty normal. We exchanged secret Santa gifts. I got a Bath & Body Works candle from Elder M, which makes me laugh every time I imagine them awkwardly wandering B&BW’s trying to find something to get me. The highlight was that I got to give Sister B her secret Santa gift, which was THE BEST!! I bought her this plaid green dress that is like, floor length and wonderful hahaha, and I bought myself a matching red one! Salvation Army is the bomb hahaha.

Monday night we had four companionships of sisters all staying in the Bartlett apartment because we had to travel over to the Arkansas side by bus Tuesday morning at 6:15 and the sisters all live like an hour or more from Bartlett. It was really fun to have everyone together, but it was a little difficult coming up with places for everyone to sleep! Hahaha

Tuesday morning, we travelled to Little Rock and we spent most of the day there at the Sisters Time Out. It was so fun!! We did service and ate food and made candy and caroled and it was great. It was really fun to see all the sisters I know on the Arkansas side, and meet a lot of sisters on that side that I didn’t know!

Wednesday we went on splits with the Dyersburg sisters because they were staying with us until Thursday for Zone Conference. That was kind of a crazy day because we broke our phone and also drove our car into a ditch and the elders had to come push it out. It was crazy. We also went to lunch at Fat Larry’s and when we got there the elders were already there so then we had to sit on opposite sides of the restaurant and try really hard not to make eye contact.

Thursday was zone conference and we had our Christmas party for the Memphis side. Sister B & I wore our matching dresses and we looked the best and the most festive by far! I will include a picture 🙂 We also got to watch a movie, and we watched The Cokeville Miracle, which was really good, but VERY intense and it made me realize that I haven’t seen any movies in a long time.

I don’t remember anything from Friday or Saturday. I am sorry this email isn’t good. The reason is that this morning I found out I am getting transferred, and it came totally out of the blue for me, and I am really upset. I don’t get to finish training Sister L, I am leaving my first area that I LOVE, and it’s all happening a week before Christmas.

I am trying really hard to not be sad, but I have already cried quite a bit, and I just hope things get better. I have faith in revelation, I just think I should have been consulted on the revelation first! Dang it.

I do have to say, however, this reminds me a lot of the two weeks I spent in Dyersburg, and those two weeks were some of the best of my mission so far, so I have faith it will work out, there is always a reason.


Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas


Christmas Party 121415.jpg


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