Week twenty-nine – Bathroom Miracles, Good Ole Southern Cookin’, and a Broken Heater

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was so much fun. It was kind of a strange one, but good strange, busy strange! I feel like a lot of things happened this week that I want to tell y’all about, so if this letter feels a little scattered and A.D.D., I apologize!

So on Monday we had a teaching appointment at 11:00, so our P-Day really didn’t start until after that. But we went to this teaching appointment with a ward member, Sister L, who is so hilarious and wonderful. The appointment didn’t take long, but after we were done we hadn’t heard from the STLs to know where they were and we were dependent on them, because we didn’t have a car. Sister L had some errands she needed to run, so she asked if we would just be willing to run to Sam’s Club with her, and she said she would buy us lunch at the little café in there. We said yes, and then we had Sam’s Club lunch, which I kind of forgot was super cheap and pretty darn good!

Sad Note- Brother T, who I told y’all about last week, died on Monday. The Lakeland ward was in collective mourning this week, but I am so thankful for his life, and for the impact he clearly made on all those around him.

I am going to also just add in right here that this week was the best week I’ve ever had dinner wise! We were fed every night, and all of my very favorite families fed us! It was so fun. I really loved it. Tuesday was our last day without the car, and we decided to make the most of it and planned to walk about three and a half miles to the T’s Tuesday morning. This was an okay plan, except for the fact that Tuesday was the windiest day I have seen so far on my mission. We were getting winds around 30 miles an hour with wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour, and I decided it would be a great idea to wear my skirt that buttons all the way up the front, so that the wind could just blow open the buttons the whole way! Thankfully, at about the halfway point, the A’s, a couple from the Bartlett 2nd Ward drove by and told us to hop in. The drove us the rest of the way, and I managed to make the three and a half mile trip without a police officer arresting me for indecent exposure! Hahaha

Tuesday night we were on our way to Book of Mormon class when the STLs texted to let us know that the power was out at the church, so there would be no BoM class. We still headed that way, though, because we needed to pick up our car from the ASL sisters. You never realize how many lights there are on a church building/temple lot until you drive up on one where they are all out! We got the car from the sisters and then drove them to an appointment. After that we had to get my GPS from the elders because I had left it in the car when we gave it to them, and something possessed Elder M to bring it inside their apartment. So since we were over in the area we decided to swing by and pick it up. They were at their apartment, which I have never been to before, so they gave us the address, but without a GPS, we had to go off their very vague directions. And, they live with members in the middle of the freakin’ woods. And the power was out in that whole area, so there were no lights. And the wind was blowing really hard. And there was lightning. They told us they would stand outside to signal to us that it was the house, but while we were driving I got so distracted by two kittens on the drive way that I failed to see the four elders standing next to the kittens until we had already driven past. So then we had to turn around. But all in all the trip was worth it because Elder T let me hold one of the cats.

Tuesday night they cancelled our six hour specialized training meeting due to flooding, which really stressed me out because we had already planned for the meeting, and asked for rides out to West Memphis, which we then had to cancel. It was crazy. THEN, at 7:20 the next morning, THEY PUT THE MEETING BACK ON, and we had to scramble to get our rides figured out. I was not a happy camper. It was okay though, because the meeting was wonderful, and I had a great time!!!

Wednesday night we had to make an emergency stop so that Sister L could go to the bathroom, and while we were there we bought poster board to draw a fake fireplace on. When we were checking out, I started talking to the cashier about missionary work, and a guy overheard us and asked us if we could teach him!! His name is G and we met with him the next day and it went great!! He is totally searching for something in his life, and he has been interested in the Mormon religion in a long time. #BathroomMiracles

Thursday I ate pork neck bone at J’s house. She offered it to both of us, but Sister L declined. I wanted to try it though, because I haven’t eaten anything weird on my mission so far!! I really felt like it was gross though. I do not recommend it, haha.

That night we arrived home to one of our neighbors in tears, trying to get a flat screen tv out of her car. Apparently her ex-husband had lost their old house and they came and threw all their stuff out onto the lawn. We were able to help her get stuff into her apartment and then pray with her. She told us she was really thankful, and I am so thankful for the opportunity that we had to serve!! I’m hoping it will turn into an opportunity to teach her soon.

We also got to teach E this week, it went really well!!! She really wants to be baptized, but she needs to move out and leave her husband if she is going to be. We found out this week that he is actually her ex-husband, but that they are living together now. He is pretty mean, and she won’t get baptized unless she is on her own.

The biggest miracle of this week is that J and her mom came to church!!! It went super well, and they both had a great time. After that we went over to their house and read 3 Nephi 11 with them. I am really hoping J gets baptized soon.

Alrighty, I really love y’all, and I hope that everything is going well! Happy Thanksgiving to each of you! I am so thankful to have all of you in my life.


Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas


Mustacheod District

Part of my district playing Uno and wearing Mustaches on Pday!!

Budda’s Hand fruit. I am currently             Pork neck! Check out the veins.

obsessed with it!                                               I actually ate it all, but wasn’t a fan!

Apartment Cold Weather Wear.jpg

This is my usual attire in the apartment because with a broken heater, it is FREEZING!!!


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