Dear Friends and Family,

Hey, so this week was…really intense. This email will probably be short. It was kind of a weird week, but also hard to describe in words.

The first thing to write about is our Halloween party last p-day. It was so fun! We carved pumpkins and ate snacks, and it was awesome. I will include party pics.

The official missionary week started off with an exchange. It was really fun, and even though I wasn’t with Sister B, I enjoyed myself! I was with Sister J in Bartlett. I feel like Bartlett is pretty much my second area now. I am so familiar with the area and all of their investigators! It’s hilarious. We got to teach a really cool lesson with a lady named D, who told us on initial contact, that she is interested in getting baptized.

This coming week is transfers, and I was sure all week I was leaving the area. I have been in Lakeland almost 6 months already, and that is a long time to be in one place in this mission. I was SO sad. I love this area, and there are so many people I am not ready to leave behind. We spent a lot of time sort of saying goodbye to people, and trying to tie up loose ends.

The big things that happened this week mostly happened at the end of the week. On Thursday we had this amazing experience with Sister W. We went over to her house to talk to her about the temple, and it was going okay until she told us she wanted to postpone again. I really felt like we needed to finally resolve this issue, so I really pushed her to try and find out what her concern was. Finally we discovered it. She was having a little bit of a mental breakdown. This weekend is the anniversary of her husband’s death, and she was really upset. We felt like she needed a blessing, but it was 1:00 in the afternoon and none of the brothers in our Ward were home, so we called the Bartlett Elders. They came and gave her the blessing and it was SO amazing, because it addressed every single one of her concerns and fears. It was so spiritual. It obviously worked too, because she got her temple recommend on Sunday. 🙂

On Friday our Ward had a fall festival and trunk or treat. It too was really fun. Sister M dressed up as me, and I wore my Halloween sweater! The best thing about that though, was that J’s mom came!!!! And she did a church tour and she invited us over tomorrow to ask us the 10 questions she has about the gospel!!!!!!!! It was amazing!!!! I have so much hope and faith for J. 🙂

Halloween was really fun. We spent a lot of time with less actives and stuff that evening, because it was really hard to proselyte Halloween night hahaha. It was so fun to see everyone’s costumes, and the way that everyone decorated for Halloween. I love holidays in the south!!!!!!

Then, on Sunday, J came, and got up during Sacrament and bore her testimony!!! She found out about transfers and was really sad, but in her testimony she talked about all the amazing things we have taught her, and how our lessons have saved her. It was so amazing and fulfilling as a missionary. I just love that girl so much.

Okay, now you are probably dying to know what is happening with transfers…I AM STAYING IN LAKELAND!!! FIVE TRANSFERS AT LEAST!! Hahaha, and…I AM TRAINING! I’m getting a baby from the MTC!!! It’s so cool!!! I am really nervous, but very excited. The AP’s forgot to call me, so I actually didn’t find out until late last night, so it was crazy! But I am very excited for the opportunity. It is going to be so fun. I am really sad to see Sister M go, but I have faith that she is ready to spread her wings and fly. She is amazing. 🙂

I love this gospel. I love this Ward. I love my mission, and I am so thankful that I have this next year to grow to love it even more!!!

Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas


Pumpkin Pics of Missionaries 2015

Sister M dressed as Hannah!

Hannah and Sister Mart in Costumes 2015


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