Dear Friends and Family,

Okay, so this week was crazy, and I feel like I am not even sure how to write this letter, but I will give it a shot!

So I feel like maybe I just need to organize it into people? That might be the easiest way to play this. So this week we continued to work a lot with Sister A, S, and with S & D.

We had a lunch with Sister A, which was super productive and helpful. We were able to work through a lot of her issues, fears, and doubts concerning the Temple, and we talked a lot about how she can get back there. She enjoyed the lunch and agrees that she needs to be back in the Temple. It has been really great to see her progress. Thankfully as well, a new family moved into the branch, and Sister A immediately made friends with Sister B, who is super active and encouraging towards Sister A! We drove to the Stake Relief Society Activity this weekend in Bartlett with Sister A & Sister B. Sister B told her reactivation story, and Sister A really connected with it. And then at least half of the activity was about the Temple! It was amazing. She also came to church Sunday again, and stayed all three hours and came into Relief Society this time instead of staying with the kids in Primary. She was really upset when she found out we were leaving, but ultimately I think she will be okay. She knows what she needs to do, and the branch has done a good job embracing her.

S & D this week had us over to eat three times. One of the times S asked me to recite The Living Christ and D LOVED it. We finally really broke through his issues with the word of wisdom, and hopefully he will be baptized as soon as he can quit smoking! D started referring to us as their adopted daughters, so he was also really upset to find out we were leaving. He asked for President’s number to let him know of his complaints, haha!

But the real miracle of this week was most definitely S. We have been meeting with her quite a bit, and one day we decided to watch Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with her, and she really, really, loved it. She saved the web page so she could watch it again! Then she came to the Relief Society activity on Saturday, and obviously had a lot of questions about the Temple. Thankfully there was a designated Q&A session concerning the Temple with the temple president and his wife! S got to ask all of her questions and received super awesome answers. She hung out with all the ladies in the branch who were at the activity and loved it, and they loved her! The next Sunday after sacrament meeting, I felt really prompted to go up and talk to her about baptism. I walked up, briefly addressed the subject, and then she goes “Oh no, I have already decided to be a Mormon!” She then showed me her notebook, where she had written down seven questions the night before. FIVE of them had been answered in that one sacrament meeting!! She also told me at that point that she hadn’t smoked a cigarette in two days!! I burst into tears and so did she, and so did this really recent RM who just got home from his mission to Canada. It was so special, and probably kind of hilarious to anyone standing around us! Hahaha

S set her baptismal date for October 17th, and she asked Elder B to baptize her. When we called Elder B to tell him, he freaked out as well! She told us later that her whole life she has known what she wanted, but has never been able to find it, so she has spent years settling for less. Now she has found what she was looking for all these years.

I am not sure what I have done to be worthy of such unbelievable miracles, but the past two weeks in Dyersburg were astonishingly spiritual and special. I have such a powerful testimony of revelation, and of God’s divine hand in this work. I am so upset to be leaving Dyersburg, but so excited to be returning to Lakeland, I know now of a surety that wherever I am, is where God wants me to be.

I love you all so much, thank you for everything.


Sister Hannah Kathryn Thomas


Here is a picture of me cleaning a member’s stove hood! I started out with doing her dishes, and then I ended up here…

Cleaning a Stove Hood


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