Dear Friends and Family,

It’s been another crazy week here at the MTC, I feel like I was JUST writing my email for the last week! I’ve continued to learn and grow exponentially, and I am just so thankful for the blessing to be here. The MTC really is the refiner’s fire, but I can feel how much better of a person and missionary it has made me. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned, but as I prepare to fly to Arkansas tomorrow I just really hope it’s been enough. The crazy thing about the MTC is that it makes you realize how unprepared you are, but rather than that being discouraging it just motivates you like CRAZY.

Sister Cawley and I are seriously best friends. We are so devastated that in a few days we won’t be companions anymore!! We are going to miss our whole district SO much though, especially some of the missionaries going to Michigan. Sister Phelps and Elder Hartley are going to be hard to say goodbye to because we have grown really close to them. Thankfully Sister Cawley, Elder Arbon, and Elder Croft are all coming to Arkansas with me and I ADORE them all! Our district has truly become a family, even our Branch President has commented on our closeness, and we are going to be so sad to split up. Thankfully there’s email, right?

Sister Cawley and I have been teaching nonstop and I LOVE IT. I truly love love love teaching and I can’t wait to do it all the time. We’ve had two role play investigators played by our teachers, but we have also had the opportunity to teach a real investigator named Jamie, and we met with her 4 times. It was an interesting experience, she was a total sweetheart and we loved her, but we never felt like she was really dedicated to her commitments and because of that she never really had a spiritual break though, so the lessons didn’t go badly I guess, but I don’t think we changed her life either. I’m beginning to understand what they mean when they say you will truly love the people you teach, and I’m really sad we weren’t able to get Jamie to the place of baptism, but truthfully I imagine that’s how most meetings with investigators go.

One of the sisters in my district had to go to the hospital this week because of severe side pain, and she told us they said she had an ovarian cyst, but they didn’t give her any prescription pain medication so I’m not sure if that’s true. She keeps taking advil and telling everyone she’s hopped up on pain meds even though it’s just advil, hahah. I don’t know, she’s funny. She’s going home tonight, and she doesn’t really seem sad about it so idk, maybe it’s for the best.

Being sister training leaders with Sister Cawley has been so much fun! We loved having the opportunity to meet the new missionaries this week and help them get comfortable.Just this brief time has testified to me of the importance of service. I can’t wait to serve the people in Arkansas. I love you all so much and I miss everyone all the time. I am so lucky because literally every single person I know is totally amazing. As much as I love you though, I know your Heavenly Father loves you so much more.

Sister Thomas



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