Dear Friends and Family,
There is not a ton to write this week. Frankly we allowed ourselves to be distracted by a lot of things that didn’t matter ,  like transfers coming up this week. Because of this, we did not work as hard as we should have, and we did not accomplish a lot. I feel like we let down those people whom we have been sent here to serve.  Still though, there were some high points, and I will write about those.
One super fun thing that happened is that Sister Wilson got back in town and brought Kep Shadow (her new service dog) with her! I will include pictures of our first meeting with Kep 🙂  Sister Wilson is happier and more energized than I have seen her since I’ve been in Lakeland. She talked our ears off about how wonderful the training was, and how excited she is to be back home. She has introduced Kep to everyone she can, and we all love him!
Tuesday we taught a lesson to Terrace at her kiosk in the mall. The lesson went well, but she is not sure if she is ready to change churches. She set up a return appointment with us, but we will see. After we finished our lesson with her, the APs called me and extended the call to me to train this next transfer! I am getting a new missionary fresh from the MTC!!!
I am really excited about the chance to train, but also a little nervous. I feel like I have not been living up to my potential as a missionary this transfer, and I have A LOT to improve on in order to set a good example for my new companion. I want to be a good trainer. I know how important it is, and I am excited and honored for the opportunity.
We also ate lunch with Sister Gonzales this week. She was super concerned when she found out one of us would be leaving and was determined to buy us food! It was awesome to spend time with her.
The only other things that is really of note this week is that I have spent the whole weekend in a trio, because of some extenuating circumstances with another Sister. We have been with Sister Bryce all weekend and it has been awesome! She is one of my best friends, but she is also an amazing missionary and a huge example to me. It has been such a blessing to be with her and to learn from her as we have served together.
Hopefully after a week with a brand new missionary, I will have a more positive letter to send to you all!! I love you!
Sister Hannah Thomas





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